Left 4 Dead 2′s Dead Air DLC will be out on or before July 22

GB writes, "We did it! Yes that’s right, after playing absolutely tons of Left 4 Dead 2 in the past few days, we have managed to get enough people to get the “Stream Crosser” achivement to get Valve to release the “Dead Air” DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 a little bit earlier than expected.

Valve challenged gamers to get a combined total of 20,000 “Stream Crosser” achievements by completing the Cold Stream campaign last weekend, and an outstanding 60,000 achievements were unlocked in just 24 hours!"

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MrSpace2687d ago

You mean like how we got Portal 2 thanks to the Portal 2 Potato arg when we got it like what...a few hours early ¬¬

antz11042687d ago

Valve FTW......this will be awesome!