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Every thing GTA4 should have been and more.

stu8882715d ago

couldn't disagree with you more... GTA IV is the best in the series for its realism and grit, but that is simply my opinion.

This should be compared more with just cause 2.

mafiahajeri2715d ago

No this wouldnt fit GTA at all its too over the top weird. I mean GTA has funny dialouge but thats it when it comes to quirky and weird.

And I prefer funny diaoluge and amazing story over this seems this is tailored for kids that want to have mindless fun.

blumatt2715d ago

GTA 5 will hopefully return to the fun that GTA once was. That's what GTA has lost: fun. San Andreas was the peak of fun GTA games. Vice City was also very good. I hope San Andreas is Rockstar's inspiration for GTA 5 and I also hope GTA 5 will be on the PS4 and Xbox 720 instead of on current gen consoles.

NeoTribe2715d ago

saints row has never achieved gta, sorry but true.

limewax2715d ago

No way, GTA4 was by far the worst game in the series, dating all the way back to the original. If it wasn't the dreary story lack of almost all humor, then it was the constant 'Buddy' phonecalls.

Don't know about you but if my friends pestered me like that friends would be a term used very loosely. The games physics were really good, but the fun was more or less non existent in comparison to their past titles. GTA4 would have been a great game had they not already set the bar much higher themselves

Sub4Dis2715d ago

the saints row video is awesome, but first sit through this advertisement. the internet is so much worse than tv and radio for advertising. it's like a virus that has infected the web and everyone somehow became okay with it.

an ad to watch an low quality ad on a site that isn't the creator of it. ridiculous.

Electroshocked2715d ago

If only the whole trilogy of this game was for PS3, then I would definitely get them all.

lil Titan2714d ago

this trailer was "absolutely awesome"? what the fudge is wrong with people today?

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grifter0242715d ago

Last I remember....everyone went around in GTA killing everything in their sight.

How is GTA suppose to be more "Real," And "gritty?"

These sandbox games are suppose to be fun....I've had more fun in SR2/JC2 than I ever did in GTA4.

I find it funny how they stole the "Squid," Launcer from Despicable Me...I might actually pre order this game just for that...since I love the movie.

Adexus2715d ago

Personally, GTA IV bored me to death, it's pretty good fun with mods though.

Also better quality video here:

mafiahajeri2715d ago

GTA is far more serious than this and just because some people go around killing everything thats got nothing to do with the core story not to mention you cant shoout people out of a car.

SR is nothing like GTA I prefer GTA's storyline much better then saints row.

subtenko2715d ago

WTF.... im not sure if I want the game or not after seeing this trailer. Im so anyone else feel the same way? Its like...well gee, uhh....its different yes, but :/ idk....Its hard to describe how this game makes me feel now,lol.

I probably wont end up buying it, but im interested in seeing what else they put in the game

StankyChicken2714d ago

So youre not going to buy this game because of a Pre-order bonus? Wow.... I got nothing to say to you.

subtenko2714d ago

nope, I might not buy the game if it ends up looking like it wont appeal to me. unless you wanna buy it for me? I'll play it then for sure, I appreciate gifts.

I mean If I say I dont think I'll buy the next need for speed game, something about the game I obviously dont like right? Why would I buy a game if I didnt like it? Maybe I should just do the gamefly thing tho and try this game out. Like I said, I look forward to knowing more about this game.

agree or disagree if you agree :)

showtimefolks2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

saints row 3 will be the most over the top co-op fun you will have with your buddies.

This franchise has come a long way and if they only build on the craziness of saints row 2 we will have our-self a great great game for countless hours

if they can improve the online a bit they would be a welcome addition

its funny how all you have to say is GTA4 was boring to get disagrees

compare to SR2 which had many graphical flaws SR2 was a lot more fun and i am not sure about what you think but SA set the standard for what open world game should be all about tha GTA4 took a huge huge huge huge huge step backwards. don't believe me just wait for GTA5 which will go back to what it was before

because if its all serious and shit with GTA5 don't expect it to sell 17 million copies

too many people were hyped with GTA5 but with SR and just cause many in gaming media look at open world games a lot differently than before

one thing RS and GTA knows how to do is is STORY and character building and i give RS credit for that. And i am a huge GTA fan played through gta 4 more than 2 times but it could have been a lot better

Gray-Fox-Type02715d ago

This looks hilarious fun, but when you mention GTA this becomes a unknown game. Saints Row will always be a GTA wannabe try hard. Saints never been GTA. So lets take GTA out the picture, and like Saints Row on its own.

This is no where near GTA level....probably a dirt compared to GTA

TBM2715d ago

Even though I liked GTA4 thes game took itself too seriously to the point where it bordered on boredom sometimes. Out of the entire GTA4 package TBOGT was the most fun out of it because it was somewhat like the old GTAs.

As for SR I liked it for the word go, it doesn't take itself too seriously and the series is first and foremost FUN to play, and has decent characters, and story to boot.

Day 1 purchase here.

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yess2715d ago

Hahaha absolut awesome

trainsinrdr2715d ago

This game has terrible graphics its not even funny...

T3MPL3TON 2715d ago

Have you seen the non terrible quality videos? Saints Row Three looks pretty good.

HeavenlySnipes2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I bet the devs are having fun putting random shit in the game lol

EDIT: Can't see video above. Can anyone else?

Pl4sm42715d ago

says the guy with one bubble

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