Want to come play FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 at Square Enix Europe HQ in London?

Are you free on Thursday, July 21st? Will you be able to get yourself to Wimbledon, London on that date? If the answer to both those questions is "yes", then Square Enix Europe has just one more query: How would you like to get some hands-on time with FINAL FANTASY XIII-2?

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Kee2508d ago

No. Not even if I could. As far as I'm concerned, FFXIII's ending is how it ended. The sequel is going to ruin the story.

Pintheshadows2508d ago

Not really. And Wimbledon is a s**thole.

Edito2508d ago

@Kee, lol ruin a ruined game??? FFXIII it's sequels and Square Enix are ruined.

On topic - No i don't want to play that game...

Ddouble2508d ago

Only 15 spaces and all the way in Wimbledon. I'm out unfortunately