Confirmed - Call of Duty 4 solo campaign is 5 hours long

From an French review.

They report from the translation:
" Yet, despite all his qualities, including technical, Call Of Duty 4 has some default . The first of, its life: 5 hours! That, as it is said, quick and painful as they say. 5 hours is about the time it takes to complete the game in medium difficulty."

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Meus Renaissance4028d ago

I was furious when I originally heard this. But because I'm buying 3 games that are solely single player (R&C, Uncharted and Assassins) this month then I don't mind at all. I'll just play Call of Duty when I want some Mulitplayer action.

This will still be bad news for people who can't or won't be buying much this month if they saw this game as their main source of gaming. But Online will be a blast - literally.

P.S. Look forward to owning you, love Meus

4028d ago
Meus Renaissance4028d ago

Heavenly Sword was short but it is still one of the best games I have ever played and I sincerely hope you one day are able to experience the cinematic feeling of that game. Yes it was short but I wasn't disappointed at the end as some would assume, I was just in awe at the ending and couldn't wait for the 2nd installment.

It could have been longer, it should have been longer, but thankfully we were treated while it lasted. Short and sweet. I sincerely loved it more than I did than with some games that have lasted 10+ hours

DolphGB4028d ago

...only applies the first time through. Hell Mode is a whole different kettle of fish altogether.

Ditto @1.2 - short but most sweet.

QUNE4028d ago

then people (not necessarily you) shouldn't judge this game until they play it. If it's as intense as the PC demo then I definitely wont be disappointed.

EZCheez4028d ago

You owning me. I dare you.


IdontTakeSides4028d ago

uhh did you play HS wasn't 5's about 7-8 hrs of gameplay..and as Meus's one of the most cinematic game experiences i ever had....and one of the best next gen games so far..

back to the topic..5hrs of gameplay thats short but honestly ..most ppl like myself isn't buying it for single player...MP is where it's at...besides I bet most ppl will take atleast 7hrs to finish the game..!!

fusionboxer4028d ago

After completing my 3rd ninja gaiden run, and then playing and completing heavenly sword, i realized some games are better short in length, but high in quality.

I feel heavenly sword was on par with games like shadow of the colossus and ICO simply due to the excitement and emotions i drew from the scenarios and characters. All three could be beaten in 6 hours or less, but that's really not a negative. HS was just like a great action movie that I'd be happy to have in my collection to take out every once in a while and watch just like i do my favorite films.

I think game informer had an interesting article on game length a couple months back. It had to do with getting the satisfaction you desire from games by either completing ICO in about 5 hours, or playing some MMO for 100+ hours to get an item.

As for COD4, I don't think short single player will really be considered a negative after most of us play it. Most reviews so far have stated it's an intensely gratifying experience that holds it's own weight. With a huge list of modes i see the entire game as a great package worth experiencing over and over again whether you mostly play single player, arcade, or online.

mesh14028d ago

meus cod4 single playerm looks better than heavensword graphically it wont best graphics e3.

EZCheez4028d ago

If you could beat Shadow of the Colossus in less than 6 hours then you are amazing.

And even though I liked Heavenly Sword, in my humble opinion it doesn't hold a candle to Shadow of the Colossus. That game was on an entirely different level.

GIJeff4028d ago

It took me almost 11 hours to beat Heavenly Sword. The boss battles are quite challenging. Now that I know what to do, I MIGHT be able to finish the game in 7. Its not as short as you rant about, but you're just a hater. So whatever. Nobody should listen to this chump.

JsonHenry4028d ago

The game has a single player? : )

Badhabit0074028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

To 1.12: JsonHenry.

Did you ever play a COD game in your life? All COD got the most engaging single player story of all time and, normally it's at least 10 hours or more of game play @ medium level. I'm disappointed that for the first time that they leave WWII, we only got a 5 hours story long in solo mode. I'll buy it, I'll love it, I'll try it @ max levels, but I still think that 5 hours for a COD game is short, especially for someone who wants it's for the solo and not for the online gaming. Believe it or not, there is still some gamers out here that loves solo campaign instead of the online features.



Oups, sorry I just saw your smiley at the end of your comment.... Did not catch you sarcasm at first, sorry again...

marcdz14027d ago

This is why everyone was saying that the Xbox was going to be holding PS3 games from their true potential. Everyone here knows that their Hardware (DVD) space sucks and now the PS3 is paying the price for lack of space. That is why the damn game is so short. They ran out of space for the 360 when they tried to make it 1080p

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DTClown4028d ago

There's a reason it is coming with 16 SIXTEEN multi-player maps guys. That's probably a MP map for every single player campaign....we'll see tomorrow!

Real gamer 4 life4028d ago

Wow only 5 hours of story, man that really suck .

rubarb234028d ago

i preordered the game, but now i'm wondering if i should just rent it. i'm more about the single player campaign. mutliplayer is bonus for me. tuff decision, the game does look amazing but 5hrs?

Ju4028d ago

Dito. Just added it back to my rental list. Had it removed for a buy, but now I want to see this first. 5 hours really suck - if that's really true.

rubarb234028d ago

i just spoke with one of my friends who collects the xbox magazine and when they reviewed the game they said the campaign was about 10hrs or so. just an fyi

lonestarmt4028d ago

yeah I was going to either get Call of duty 4 and or Haze and just rent the other. If this is true, I'm renting COD 4 and buying Haze.

Razzy4028d ago

Man I was all hyped up for this one but five hours is sad. Multiplayer ain't really my bag so I'll give this one a rental.

Fototherapist4028d ago

I consider myself a moderately hardcore gamer, and I always get games for the single player campaign. I'm not embarassed to say that I really like all these games coming out that take less than 10 hours to complete. It lets me have a life outside of gaming.

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resistance1004028d ago

Well to be fair, i know it will take me longer than 5hours to complete, probally closer to 10hours as i take my time on games. But saying that i mainly brought this game for the multiplayer and am picking up R&C on friday aswell for the single player

EZCheez4028d ago

I am falling in love with that game. The ONLY reason I'm thinking about holding off on this game is because I want to find everything there is to find in Ratchet. Seriously, that game is awesome and is the best I have played on my PS3.

Ju4028d ago

Got Ratchet already, beat it, was great. Do the challenge mode now. And enjoying it again. But my budget will most likely go to the big single players Uncharted and Assassins Creed. And then I want to see Haze (more a fictional shooter then real world - CoD4 is very gray to me, I want some more colors - but I gotta try it out first).

skagrerrrr4028d ago

this up for multiplayer gaming too, it's sweet!

simplemetry4028d ago

that is y im buying this game.. because of the multiplayer online gaming... for sure that lots of people will be playing this in ps3... bcuz ps3 have 18 players in 1 online battle...

xplosneer4028d ago

I'm tired of this. I have GRAW2, and I'm tired of multiplayer. Just am. I'm going to pick up Ratchet and stay offline for awhile. I'm just tired of online. IMO. At the guy above with the 18 player comment:They both have 18 player support on one gameplay type, and they both have 16 players on the other types.