Where have all the games gone?

CVG: I feel like I'm in one of those daytime TV ads. You know, the ones with a black and white bloke sitting in a dingy kitchen, tapping away on a calculator from the 80s.

But by the end of the ad, that guy is guaranteed to emerge from the darkness like a Technicolor financial phoenix - complete with a hot new wife and a garden thanks to 'Loans4Free'.

There's no new hot wife for me, though - just fretfulness and unease. I'm staring blankly at October and November's video games release schedule in despair, and desperately trying to save up the mahoosive lump sum I'll be working my way through in the space of four weeks.

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Boody-Bandit2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Where has this author been living, under a rock?

It's always been this way. The majority of big market titles coming out during the holiday season. Thankfully Sony brings their consumers quality exclusive titles year round. I cant remember the last time there was a gaming drought on the PS3.

At the beginning of what?
A consoles life cycle, beginning of this year, beginning of gaming, which?

jwk942711d ago

Back in the beginning there was a drought. But i don't really care, i'm busy playing my current games, then i'm getting Dark Souls and Uncharted 3, those will last me a long time.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2711d ago

Shoo, im going to get me dark soulds, uc3, skyrim, Battlefield 3, and Assasins Creed Rev, now that can last me a yearrrr

Pintheshadows2711d ago

Deus Ex isn't far off luckily. I like the lull. It is catch up time.

ATiElite2711d ago

they are on Steam waiting to be bought. WTF is up with this D-bag editor.

there are ton of games to play. Sure the holiday's always have way too many games coming out but there are quality titles and mods waiting to be played right now.

Not too many big titles in the summer because Ummm everyone is outside, or at the movies, or outside, or on vacation...somewhere that involves being outside.

koehler832711d ago

Who wants to spend their summer playing all the good games?

Get a bike. Go swimming. Go see some summer blockbusters.

i.e. Give it a break once in a while, man!

house2711d ago

i love video games i really do but theirs nothing like hanging ut with your friends fishing paint-balling popping fireworks and so on...

Cereal2711d ago Show
Xof2711d ago

The PS3 and DS both have some big titles coming soon.

As does the Wii, to a lesser extent.

Only the 3DS, PC and 360 are REALLY hurting at the moment.

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