Microsoft has “lost its way” with recent Halo releases

MCV: In a surprise admission, the boss of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer has claimed that the platform holder has “lost its way” with the smash hit Halo franchise.

The statement comes as Bungie makes an emotional farewell to fans, having officially stepped away from the series that it helped make into one of the most popular console IPs in the world.

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MrSpace2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

They lost their way in general

omi25p2661d ago

A company who are making tons of money have lost their way. Mmmmk

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2661d ago

Well, making money is good, but losing core gamers not so much, at least in the core audience eyes.

I would not be happy ( not even a bit! ) since I usually don' t like casual stuff.

NewMonday2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

he means with the fans

omi25p2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

From what i can see the only "core" audience that is not liking the fact there arent many xbox exclusives this year are on this site. From what ive seen almost every multiplatform game has sold better on xbox and we haven't seen a major drop in the amount of xbox live users.

Just because people on this site have some need for exclusives when there are amazing multiplatforms being released doesnt mean the xbox is losing fans

NewMonday2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

thier are PS3 fans that hate the PSN pass

thier are Nintendo fans that hate the 3DS lineup

thier are 360 fans that hate Kinect

not everything is fan vs troll.

MrSpace2661d ago

They don't even know what fans want, that's what I meant.

It's like

"Oh yeah core gamers love Kinect"

"No we don't"

"YES YOU DO" <shoves Kinect titles down throat>

Not caring that their audience, the ones who made them into what they are today, want exclusives and new stuidos making new IP's.

It's not about being a fanboy, it's about seeing that there giving there loyal fans, the middle finger.

death2smoochie2660d ago

N4G.COM represents most likely 0.000001% of the gaming populus.
So when you hear and see people whining that MS did this or the core audience is angry...
then look at the sale numbers for all those multi-platform games as you said that are selling better on the box360 than the PS3 etc...
And even the select few exclusives MS has and they still sell better in some cases than PS3 exclusives...
You come to realize that N4G.COM is just a MINOR minor pittance in the gaming realm.

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Gray-Fox-Type02661d ago

Finally the KING IS BACK. Master Chief.

Halo 4 is going to be a killer title. I bet certain fanboys are pissing themselves when they hear Halo 4, and have been since Halo had destroyed there favourite games indefinately.

Ser2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

What in God's name are you going on about? lol

Halo has "destroyed" my "favorite games indefinitely?"

I'm playing Batman: Arkham Asylum right now, one of my favorite games. Halo hasn't destroyed it.

Halo is a good series and all, but there's no reason to troll other games.

VINNIEPAZ2661d ago

"They lost their way in general"

REALLY?? This is the type of people I put on blast all the time and I get hated on (hence the 1 bubble). Yea I know you cant really change the minds of most these fanboy morons but we got to at least give it a try people. Or at least give it to them straight. And I don't buy into the whole, "bashing them makes you as bad as them" crap. They need to be told to STFU and go back in their caves.

I know the site is loaded with PS3 fanboys, but even you guys got get sick of this stuff at some point right?

No, didn't think so. On with the Disagrees I guess, I tried.

StanLee2661d ago

It's funny but many didn't read the article to get the context of what he was saying. He simply meant the franchise had gone away from Master Chief as its main protagonist and that's the core of the Halo experience, playing as Master Chief.

lelo2play2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

The x360 is giving Microsoft more money then ever... and they lost their way !!! Is that so?

Someone lost their way with this article!

I wish i lost my way and win as much money as the x360 is making.

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slate912661d ago

I just feel it wasn't really Halo with the AAs :/. Hoping 343 can put the franchise back on track and get back to the Halo 2 days.

earbus2661d ago

Ha ha hilarious someone get sony a gps if microsoft is lost sheesh.

DigitalRaptor2661d ago

Care to explain yourself properly... oh wait, one bubble!

Just_The_Truth2661d ago

^ that made my day, thanks.

qwertyz2661d ago

their fans love it. to each his own. why doesn't anyone call out Nintendo they've been recycling the same IPs for over 20 years now but their fans love it though so it doesn't really matter

Dlacy13g2661d ago

Every publisher latches on to successful series. You need look no farther than the current year to see the proof there. How many "3"s can you count?

Gears of War 3
Battlefield 3
Modern Warfare 3
Uncharted 3
Resistance 3

Forza 4 (through a 4 in for good measure)
Skyrim - no its not a 3 ...its a the 14th title (including expansions) in that series.

I am sure I have forgotton others but you get my point. Nintendo definitely recycles... maybe worse than all but they all are bad so I find it hard to single them out.

NewMonday2661d ago

a big portion of their fans hate what they are doing, don't label everyone who complains anti-Nintendo

Godmars2902661d ago

Sorry, but when did MS ever have an actual way in the first place?

As far as I can tell they've only been about providing a gaming platform, for which FPS came to dominate mainly because of Halo. They started the Xbox 360 era by saying exclusives didn't matter then spending more for timed exclusive DLC than full games.

Their way is and has been getting you to buy their product. Period.

TyrionL2660d ago

LOL, you said "Their way is and has been getting you to buy their product. Period."
Isn't that any businesses way? How on earth is that a bad thing? Are you trying to say Sony doesn't want to have you buy their product, or they don't care as much about making money?
I don't understand your bashing. EVERY company on earth's way is "getting you to buy their product. Period."
Do ya’ll even think about what you type on here before you post it, or do you just let the hate flow freestyle?

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