Sony: Support garage devs or innovation suffers

Develop: Sony must embrace the rise of the digital indie game developer, the firm’s development boss has said.
SCE chief Shuhei Yoshida, who manages Sony’s global fleet of in-house studios, says running away from the ‘garage developer’ would ultimately be the industry’s loss.

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theonlylolking2714d ago

Yup, just dont support the angry birds dev.

blumatt2714d ago

Exactly, games like Pixeljunk, Flower, and the upcoming game called Journey are all examples of this. Sony supports the hell out of small devs.

Legion2714d ago

Some people might need to reflect on what a ‘garage developer’ actually is.

"We made it so the development kit wouldn’t be too expensive.” Just an idea... if you are truly going to make PS3, Vita excetra available to 'garage developers' then why not offer some free software tools as Microsoft does? Hey... I am not knocking Sony here... I would be happy to develope for anyone if given the right carrot. And XNA has been given to us for free to develope on MS devices, what about you Sony... DEV Kits are not the answer to garage developers they are the answer to small Indie teams. My team consists of me, myself and I.

Garage developers don't put 1000's of dollars into a title. They don't have a staff and payroll. Don't confuse garage developer with small Indie team. Totally different.

SuperKing2714d ago

Sony has the program called 'Pub Fund' where they help small independent developers.

Legion2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

And what does 'Pub Fund' have anything to do with garage developers?

It is basically a financial scheme to prevent the small indie developer from offering his product to other sources.

It doesn't give you the software needed to put your game on a Sony system. It doesn't help a garage developer create on a Sony platform. It pays those that have the means already to buy expensive dev kits and hire payroll staff. And all under the mask of... 'you will only make for us'.

Even in the article you linked it discounted an open minded allowance of garage developers:
'Since Sony is looking for a good return on its considerably sizable investment, not everyone can get on the Pub Fund. "Obviously there will be a level of quality expected from Sony's side, so not everyone will be suitable for Sony either," said Brooksby.'

Sorry... still not 'garage developer' friendly.

nightmarex1212714d ago

I think the problem is they didn't want to go that route b/c it doesnt really work that well, you barley see any good games on xna or even worth downloading.
There just to much shitty stuff, that was one of the big problem, there so many shitty stuff that people don't even bother to look through xna.

Legion2714d ago

"I think the problem is they didn't want to go that route..." You are right... they didn't want to go that route, they didn't want to support 'garage developers' they are interested in Indie development teams and little more.

As for xna comment... though many of the games are not up to expectations there is a far better choice then what you would find on your cellphone apps. You have a lot of Gems that are easy to find... and the Indie scene on marketplace is doing very well on it's own merits.

But we are not here to promote MS games. We are here to push 'garage developers' versus the money backed developers that claim the Indie title.

I miss the old days of sitting around a commodore 64 with my friends and creating a game from scratch and then making copies of the games on floppies and selling them down at the local radio shack. We didn't do it for the money as much as for the experience of knowing our product was out there.

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ehandlr2714d ago

Good news. Yoshida def knows whats up.

BeastlyRig2714d ago

That is what pc is for! MINECRAFT ANYONE?

jujubee882714d ago

The Ps Vita will be a pocket pc. :D

MasterCornholio2714d ago

With Minecraft on the go. Yep its confirmed.

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