Call of Duty Elite May Cause Players to 'Defect' to Battlefield 3, says Analyst

Call of Duty is "still on the rise" if you ask Activision, but the shooter giant is facing increasing competition in the genre, especially from rival EA, which is doing all it can to take market share with Battlefield 3 this holiday season. The new Call of Duty Elite social service does offer plenty of free features, but the fact that a component of it does require a subscription plan could turn gamers away, insists Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter.

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Nate-Dog2717d ago

I wouldn't really expect that to be honest. I think people that "defect" to BF3 will do so because BF3 looks awesome and because MW3 doesn't really look any different from the last few CoDs, not just because of Elite (although for some people that were planning on getting both I'm assuming Elite may put them off the idea of MW3, at least for a while). The CoD faithful that always buy the games won't change even with Elite.

DeadlyFire2716d ago

I say buy BF 3 now, buy CoD later when its cheap.