Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver to hit Guitar Hero III

The first downloadable content for Guitar Hero III has been revealed by a fan at the ScoreHero forums who accidentally made the discovery.

It looks like three downloadable content packages will be made available, in the same way downloadable content was handled for Guitar Hero II. Expect a Foo Fighters pack with All My Life, The Pretender and This Is A Call, a Velvet Revolver pack with Slither, She Builds Quick Machines and Messages and the final pack for the boss battle music. No word on pricing or when to expect these songs.

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resistance1004061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Guitar Hero III already has my favorite song on of the last few years[Knights of Cydonia MUSE], so thats a reason to buy it in itsel. But Foo Fighters DLC in the future just seals that purchase when its out over here

sjappie4061d ago

have just put those songs in the game, instead of selling them a week after release, for 800 points? This pisses me of a bit.

Ignorant Fanboy4061d ago

But why?

If I owned a business, I wouldnt give away something for free, when everyone was willing to pay for it. I am sure their investors feel the same way.

monkey6024060d ago

Will this be coming to the PSstore too? (please it does)