Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Co-Op Adventure Gameplay Video (

Eric of writes:

"Naughty Dog updated the Uncharted 3 Beta today to add the Co-Op Adventure mode. Some might remember this from Uncharted 2 as the only co-op mode. This mode brings players to locations that you might encounter in the single player campaign but changes things up a bit to add some Co-Op Elements. For those who haven't played the beta, here is a 15 minute gameplay video of the Uncharted 3 Co-Op Adventure mode on the map Syria."

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dwightmccarthy2598d ago

nice can't wait to see more of this mode

TheLiztress2598d ago

I really need to play more of the beta before it's too late. Got to say that the multiplayer looks like it's shaping up really well.

admiralvic2598d ago

Yes/no for me and adventure mode it's fun the first time, but it's short (unless it goes past where the beta ends) and the more you play; the less fun it is. Everything seemed to happen 1:1 with every other time I played... which will lead to people just memorizing and BLOWING past it.

Kingscorpion19812598d ago

I hope the adventure mode is longer!

MaxXAttaxX2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

It's cut about half way through for the beta.

If you played the UC2 beta, you'd know that the co-op mission was at least twice as long in the final game.

HeavenlySnipes2598d ago

made Uncharted 3 above anything I'm planning to/have bought.

I just hope that Adventure has more than 3 maps available, unlike.....

metsgaming2598d ago

yea but the syria coop adventure is so short compared to the story coop in UC2. I liked the set up in the UC2 story coop this one they have you getting treasures it feels like hunter but without the humans and a few cutscenes.

Kingscorpion19812598d ago

I'm hoping when the game finally comes out this fall that the coop adventure mode is a lot longer than UC2 story coop.

HeavenlySnipes2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

the mission ends there. The rest is probably tied in with events from the story and they don't want to spoil anything

LOL @ NanoSoldier below

Your trolling is weak. I could do better with no bubbles left

NanoSoldier2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Honestly, looks poor compared to Gears 3. Is this for PS2?

I'm not trolling. It's just my opinion. Uncharted 3 needs a wonder to not get bitchslapped by Gears 3.

cochise3132598d ago

Trolling much? You obviously never played this game have you?

Js2Kings2598d ago

Haha, wow. The denial room is that way.

Convas2598d ago

Gah. Shut up dude.

Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 are both gorgeous games.

XabiDaChosenOne2597d ago

If the final game looks anything like this
(which it will) It has already bitchslapped Gears 3

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cochise3132598d ago

The scaling the wall at the end is awesome.

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