XLN:First ever website to have Achievements


The Xbox Live Nation Achievements overview page shows you what achievements you can earn at Xbox Live Nation. The achievements are asigned to members automatically based on the follwing principles:

* Activities a gamer has displayed on Xbox Live and Live Anywhere.
* Activities here on the Xbox Live Nation website.

On the achievements page ( you can directly access your own achievements if you are a member. To view the achievements of a gamer/member just use one of the available links in the forum posts or in the Live DNA of a gamer.

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BigKev453760d ago

You can't bring those points over to Xbox live. So what's the sense?

ENNO3760d ago

well then you develop a better one...until then shut the fuk up....

WilliamRLBaker3760d ago

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WilliamRLBaker3760d ago

AS well who cares? i get achievements on the site? gamespot has that, may sites have that you do stuff and you get badges...ect

Now if they had somehow worked a deal where you actually get achievements that appear on xbox live...then thats another matter but this isn't new.

notsonice3760d ago

I wonder who is going to post the news about "Website's Owners Get Sued By Microsoft"

ENNO3760d ago

The site is an official xbox community developer...and what makes it different is that if you get 1000 points on a game you earn points on the site....

God of Gaming3760d ago

I think its pretty cool and actually VERY well done.

Pete_Approved3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

It`s just a simple plugin of vBulletin® Forums. So everybody can make this.. And the frontpage? Joomla! Free Open Source software..

But whatever. Good luck with your site Enno.

ps. My site supports Credits/Points aswell :P

stonyarc3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

It's not enno's site it's mine.

It's not just a simple plugin and it's made from scratch. I develop both for Joomla, vbulletin, phpbb and lots more. Joomla is a good product so why not use it.

and just look on on my name, I think I released more than enough mods for vbulletin to the community.

It's tied to Xbox Live the XCDP (official way).

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