Greg Kasavin Talks Bastion and the Future of SuperGiant Games

It’s that time of year again, the time when we look forward to all of the great games being released digitally on Xbox Live. The Xbox Live Summer of Arcade is quickly approaching and there are some stellar titles being released this year. One such title, Bastion, is set to bring an atmospheric environment to your living room. We had a chance to interview Greg Kasavin, Creative Director of SuperGiant games, to learn more about Bastion and what it will offer gamers when it releases on July 20th.

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SarahFox2687d ago

i really like how indie games are making a bigger impact thanks to XBLA and PSN, nothing like a little competition for the bigger guys. Even though it's smaller they can be pretty great, Limbo especially.

MWH2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

i second your opinion, some of these games has done a great job taking us back to the golden-age of gaming, when games where simpler, cooperative and more fun. Bastion, i'm getting you too baby.

maniacmayhem2686d ago

I'm sometimes more excited for these smaller games than i am these big titles. Bastion is one of them. Can't wait.

Redgehammer2686d ago

A great game is a great game, and the arcade space has some fantastic gems. Bastion looks like an awesome time, and I can't wait to give it a try.