More Dragon Age II DLC to come

TVGB: "Dragon Age II's first substantial piece of story-based downloadable content, Legacy, won't be the last; words to hold senior producer Fernando Melo accountable for."

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NovusTerminus2688d ago

How about a patch for new game +?

Substance1012687d ago

Good thing i didnt buy the game on the last Steam discount. ill wait for the ultimate addition at the end of the year lol.

Kee2687d ago

I didn't bother with the DLC for dragon age origins because of mixed reactions so I think I'll give the DLC for this one a miss, too.

femshep2687d ago

meh call me when the next dragon age is like one instead of watered down crap

bioware, please get over your "i want money stage and im not gonna care about the fans of our games" phase soon, i really miss your games that had an amazing charm to them like kotor, jade empire, dragon age, and the first mass effect

Substance1012687d ago

Agreed man, Dragon age Origins was my goty 2009. I didnt bother with DA2. Specially i am a PC gamer, DA2 was much too consolized for my taste (doesnt even offer complete camera control). ID pick up the ultimate addition if it was 15-20usd.

CraigBaker2687d ago

I agree with femshep. Origins was a masterpiece of an RPG and the sequel was a big let down. I got more enjoyment from awakenings. And i'm assuming these dlc's will only take place around kirkwall with the same repetitive caves and surroundings. Dragon Age 2 was so lazy, and garnered no desire for exploration. Where as Origins offered hundreds of hours of gameplay and part 2 was a half assed 20 hour story, around 35 with all side quests. I loved the combat system of 2 and the graphics. If they could take that and put it in a larger world with more detail and reason for exploration i would buy it in a heartbeat, but until then...

Quagmire2687d ago

Call me when Dragon Age 2: Ultimate Edition is announced...