Ex-Sony boss: Hackers will be back

PSN battle not over yet, suggests Capcom's Reeves.

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JoGam2715d ago

They always will. Hackers are here to stay.

r1sh122715d ago

I agree with the article. Theres a strong possibility that the hackers will return in some way shape or form.
Its a shame really because Sony have spent some serious cash on new security but as with all tech, within months it is old.
I say its only a matter of time before another attack.

Snake Raiser2713d ago

I'm glad at least a few people know what is going on.

Wizziokid2715d ago

sadly this is the truth, we will always have hackers as
long as we have stuff to hack

topekomsi2715d ago

Hackers are def here to stay, please don't provoke them Sony.

bigboss7162715d ago

hahahahaaa oh really I dout that the government is involved

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