Guitar Hero Vs. Rock Band, The Showdown

Just ahead of Activision's fiscal results announcement, Citigroup analyst Brent Thill details the firm's take on Guitar Hero III, weighing in on the upcoming Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band battle set to go down this Holiday season at retail. More within...

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resistance1004055d ago

Guitar hero is my choice, RB is just too expensive and i don't have the time or room for it

vaan4054d ago

I played a demo of Rock Band on the 360 in Best Buy the other day and I must say, it was way cool.
The guitar is way better than my GH3 les paul (buttons are cool and guitar is heavier and feels well made) and the graphics are a little better. But I like the track list on GH3 better. I will get the Rock Band disc if my GH3 les paul works with it.

I tried the drums as well and it was kinda fun too but I can't see myself shelling out for the kit. I did not try vocals or bass.

Sky Lazarus4054d ago

both will win because people with jobs like me will buy both. Lovin gh3 now.

PS3 Limps on and on4054d ago

It's all about Singstar, if I'm gonna get into music games, that's what I want.

Everyone knows the singer is the best and main part of any good band either pop or rock or whatever.

Singing is the best part, the singer also gets more famous than the other band members.

IdontTakeSides4054d ago

umm thats kinda off topic still..I don't really see how you can compare singstar to them...But im also getting Singstar when it comes in the mean time Gh3..and RB..shall do it for me..!!

ruibing4054d ago

I'll definitely get Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Singstar. And maybe DDR if it ever comes out as a mega collection for the PS3.

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