Why I miss clunky old RPGs (even though modern ones are better)

The roleplaying genre is steaming ahead, with flashy graphics, dramatic storytelling and increasingly intuitive interfaces. Yet BeefJack's editor misses the old days – and not because RPGs are “dumbing down”...

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RyuDrinksTheDew2323d ago

good article.

i know exactly what he means.

limewax2323d ago

I just don't see why we cant have both. Vaiety is what made the early days of gaming great

theonlylolking2323d ago

We still have variety but those games dont get a lot of hype from the gaming media so few know about them.

banjadude2323d ago

I find a lot of the writing and lore/history for today's RPGs (notably the medieval/fantasy esque ones) really lack the "magic" of older RPGs.

JsonHenry2323d ago

Older games had to rely on good story/mythology to be a great game. Now they just add more visuals and testosterone and call it a game. (not all, but a lot)

banjadude2323d ago

HA! I absolutely agree with you.

sonicsidewinder2323d ago

i definetly agree with the comments about visual style.

neogeo2323d ago

thats why I still love my my DSI XL. It has plenty of old school Snes type pf overhead and action RPS's Those games have a great feel that makes me time warp back to the good old days, and the music is the best!

VampiricDragon2323d ago

modern rpgs are hardly better

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