Hands On Preview: How F1 2011 Has Been Made To Be The Most Realistic F1 Game To Date -StickTwiddlers

Codemasters held a special preview event for F1 2011 and I went along to see what the next title in the F1 series has to offer. Chief game designer, Steve Hood, introduced to us to the game which this year has the tag line ‘Be the Driver, Live the Life, Go Compete’, a similar tag to last year, but how similar is the game?

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bumnut2508d ago

I don't believe them, its probably just dirt3 with f1 cars copied and pasted into it.

no1phil2508d ago

This game is looking the nuts can't wait to get my hands on it =D great coverage of the event too =D

Maybe they will add the safety car next year though lol ;)

CaptCalvin2508d ago

really? are we gonna get stall-able cars?