Baldies, Barrels and Invisible Walls: The Gaming Annoyance Showcase

Dan Curtis of Gamergaia writes: Welcome to a celebration of things in gaming over the years that make you go 'GRR'. In other words, these certain parts, elements or trends in gaming have already or are at some point going to annoy you greatly when you're playing a gaming title, so much so you'll probably end up doing the inevitable controller-smash-against-wall technique which will probably make you very sad when your controller lies in two bits at your feet. Resist the temptation for controller flingage and instead bask in the glory that is some brilliant gaming annoyances.

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ares21al2535d ago

I have blessedly never smashed my controller to any of these but have smacked the crap outta the couch a few times.

Cwalk8162535d ago

Great article, but the pictures are what really had me going. Too hilarious.

jesscamegan2535d ago

Hahaha i do agree with everything EXCEPT the inverted y-axis. I am the opposite, i get so angry if i press up and it goes down.

rmoar2535d ago

Inverted Y-Axis is the greatest thing to ever happen to gaming.

RGD2535d ago

Shawn Michaels upside down made me crack up xD