Pads & Panels: NCAA Football 12 Review

Bill writes: "Sports games have the benefit of being an easy sell, in that fans already love the sports, know the series, and like to keep coming back to drop $60 for a few more features if done right, but a difficult sell in that savvy fans know that in terms of gameplay there usually isn’t much changing from year to year. College football has the extra-dubious task of selling without the NFL star power of the Madden series.

"That said, the NCAA Football series from EA Sports has been excelling in recent years at making that sell, pulling my attention completely from the pros and back to college with an absolutely addictive Dynasty (Franchise) mode. Last year, I became so caught up with trying to sign four- and five-star recruits to my school it got to be a bit ridiculous, and that’s saying a lot for someone who was never interested in franchises, just in playing some fun video game football."

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