PSN’s Finest – Part 1

Now while the main purpose of PSN is to allow gamers to interlink and game online, its second most important aspect is that of the Playstation Store. It was born along with the launch of the PS3 but it had a rocky start with numerous freezing problems, but it has come a long way since those early days and is now one of the best on-line market places for Games and DLC. Along with a steady stream of DLC in the weekly updates there is almost always several new downloadable titles, but for the purpose of these articles Conor splits them into 3 categories; PSN Games, PS1 Games and Full PS3 games that are available to download.

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Elven62661d ago

I'd also give Earthworm Jim HD a shout out as well, that's one of the ways you do an HD remake right, the only thing it missed was a "classic graphics" type mode for the sake of nostalgia.

fianno2661d ago

I never knew this was on PSN! I'll be adding some funds to my account for this asap

Emperor_Cono2661d ago

I remember Earthworm Jim on the PC fondly! Never knew there was a HD remake! My bad!