Dontnod outlines “global-scale” console game

Gema: "Dontnod Entertainment outlined its first video game “on console” in a press release today. The developer, based in Paris, is “secretly crafting its first original title,” which they describe as a “highly confidential production for current generation consoles.”"

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sinncross2661d ago

Dontnod were apparently at E3 but I can definitely see them officially announcing Adrift at Sony's GC presentation

Apotheosize2661d ago

This is "Adrift" the PS3 exclsuive right? I thought we wouldve heard about it at E3

yawer2661d ago

Is this game exclusive to PS3 or is it coming to xbox360 as well?

nightmarex1212661d ago

Yeah its exclusive to sony, it used to be mult-platform but its being published by sony.

DigitalRaptor2661d ago

Sony should have announced this game at their E3 conference.

sinncross2661d ago

Should have but on hindsight maybe it was not a bad idea. E3 got interest in PSV quite high... I think something like Adrift (depends on the quality of what we see) could have overshadowed the PSV news. Even David Cage wanted his new Ip at E3.

i think keeping both for Gamescom (which is EU focussed) is a better move, because I doubt we will see any new PSV games at GC so pull out some more PS3 content.

DigitalRaptor2661d ago

That makes sense.

I just really would have liked to see something like a trailer or demo. Gamescom is a great place for new announcements especially for Europe, like you said!

theunleashed642661d ago

doesn't sound like it's exclusive