Longing for Modern Warfare 3? Watch All Clips, Teasers And Trailers Here

Many shooter fans are waiting for Modern Warfare 3 - the latest episode in the Call of Duty installment. Activision, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games alredy released a lot of videos for the MW2 sequel. PC Games collected all teasers, trailers, gameplay videos and more for you to watch - get all footage after the jump!

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fullymoated2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Lets see how many comments it takes for someone to mention that other game. I will set the over-under at 1.5 comments, (excluding this one).

Sinterfire2540d ago

Let me fix that for you. Battlefield 3? I'm I right? Do I get a cookie? Ontopic I can't wait to play some MW3.

JeffGUNZ2540d ago

It's looking pretty good. I just really want to see some multiplayer. I hope they spiced it up.