Call of Duty 4 - a lesson in level design

Guardian Unlimited's first impressions from a night with Infinity Ward's riproaring modern shooter: " ..Oh and the visuals are stunning - not just for effects or basic aesthetic competence, but for the sense of place. The detail. Pulverised low-rise buildings, bullet-riddled vehicles burnt out and rusting in the sun, rubbish swirling through deserted streets like tumbleweed. CoD4 is a patchwork of every nightmare battlezone to hit our screens for the last twenty years. In its approximation of war-battered streets, all that's missing is haunted-eyed kids playing amid the soldiers."

"I advise you to buy this game when it hits the shelves on Friday and then cancel whatever you have planned for next weekend. As a lesson in multiplayer level design, CoD 4 is quite possibly peerless."

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The Real Joker4059d ago

This is nice and all but when are the reviews coming? I thought the embargo lifted today. I have both systems and do not know which one to get it for. I am not going to base my buying decision on what fanboys quote from a gamedaily article comparing incomplete builds of a game. I wonder if a true comparison will be up today. I plan on going to pick up my pre order after I get off of work. I am open to getting either version because I love both platforms, just hurry with the comparisons already.

RadientFlux4059d ago

Personally I am buying the game for my x360 because I prefer the 360 controller over the PS3 controller.

There will be tons of comparisons in a few days but from what I've heard any differences arn't really noticeable.

iNcRiMiNaTi4059d ago

yea i agree, i prefer the 360 controller for FPS's but the ps3 has a good d-pad for fighting if there are multi-plat games, ill get them depending on the controller and game genre

DTClown4059d ago

if you get the PS3 version, no matter how long you play...your system will not DIE on you leaving you to play with your personal joystick for 1-2 months until you get your system back.

Then again, if you like piddlin your pud and look forward to the "new girl on the block" left hand, get the 360 version that pretty much guarentees you will have plenty of down time to see Rosey and her 5 sisters over the next couple of months!

iNcRiMiNaTi4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

in case u didnt know, theres more to life than videogames, and judging from ur comment it looks like u dont know about it..when my 360 got the RRoD i just sent it to MS and went straight to the basketball courts...i also have a job and a girl to keep me occupied...i also have a ps3 ready for me on christmas so the next time that stupid 360 sh*ts out on me, ill have something else if i wanna play a game

oh and if u didnt know there are also other things to do
-go to the park
-taking a walk
-go biking
-go to the mall

the fact is, all u know is gaming and jerking off....prolly the best things ur good at so thats why that was the 1st thing that came to ur mind...

Barreldragon004059d ago

to deside which platform to get it on is on which ever one you have better friends on i have better friends on my PS3 so im getting it for that.

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Kaneda4059d ago

Just come out already... [email protected] w/ level design..I just want to play it...


Oh wait...second!

kurochi4059d ago

I've read nothing bad for this game..... I'm a little excited about this... next week is Assassin Creed's debut, right?? sigh... so little time......

lynx1halo4059d ago

I dont see how they can possibly lower the review scores for this game when they come out....unless they do the same to this one as they did with ratchet and say it has....(FAMOUS IDIOT QUOTE) TOO MUCH VARIETY..Gamespot LOL

iNcRiMiNaTi4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

he said to come back at around 5:30 and they should have it, and if ur gettin the 360 version, my friend already had it [i was surprised] and playing it, when i went to go compare games i saw like 90% of the achievements are beating the game on veteran and the rest were things like "get 4 headshots in a row in campaign" and "kill an enemy in campaign after getting flashbanged" didnt look like there were any online achievements..