EA: Wii U’s “Motion control is too imprecise”

EA boss John Riccitiello claims the Wii U’s implementation of a second screen “transcends anything I’ve ever done before,” and that current motion control devices are too imprecise.


Apologies for the misquote - it is not about the Wii U but motion control in GENERAL.

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Wizziokid2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

“I think there’s something really powerful about a second screen that I think really matters. I think we’re just beginning to realize what we can do with it and I think it’s obvious we can do a lot with it.”

I think it could do a lot to an FPS game, removing the UI on the main screen all together is one thing.

Nintendo need to ditch the motion control and head back to the hardcore. this controller could offer that but as a 'hardcore' gamer i'm concerned that the controller will be too big, I'll need to try it before I can really say. so time will tell. As long as it keeps comfort when playing a game like BF3 I will be happy.

Simco8762540d ago

Why would they even think about heading back to the hardcore, when they made a killing with casuals?

NewMonday2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

in FPS, you will just get killed most of the time you look at the screen

sdtarm2540d ago

not only in fps, in any game, its an extra and unnecessary inconvenience... thats just IMO tho

Ju2540d ago

Exactly. That's why they actually invented HUD (Heads Up Displays): Information in your field of view without the need to take your eyes off the target...

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kneon2540d ago

I think removing the UI from the main screen of an FPS is a bad idea for most users. Having to look away to the controller to see your ammo, health, minimap etc. is only going to hurt your game play. There is a reason the military has gone to HUDs for as much as possible, you need to keep your eyes on the action at all times.

But the second screen can be put to good use in many cases. For example in a tactical FPS you have the map on the controller and give commands to your squads telling them what their next objective would be. This would be great in a game like MAG.

In a FPS you could make a sniper more useful by giving them the same sort of map as mentioned above. They could then mark out where they see enemies incoming and that info would be passed back to the rest of their squad. Sort of like the spot and mark in KZ2 except that it's not automatic.

Getowned2540d ago

I did'nt like the second screen at first but now i'm actually really into the idea after watching the E3 conference a second time it's like a console version of a DS and thats cool.

matey2540d ago

this is old news he basically loves WiiU and thinks motion controls are only good 4 sweeping the wiiu screen around to look around your surroundings not good 4 full body control or intricate motions but at least he loves WiiU he sounds like he wont be supporting MOVE/KINECT in 2012.

jacen1002540d ago

motion controls have had there day that is why nintendo have moved away from them this gen, on the other hand microsoft and sony are trying still to push the idea. its had its time the tablet is the way forward i think

Arthas2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

The wiiU will still utilize the wiis motion controls. It just provides a new controller for the "hardcore" games that are released.

Urmomlol2540d ago

WTF? Not only do you steal an interview with Industry Gamer, but you completely misquote him.

Garbage article, garbage website. Never visiting again.

news4geeks2540d ago

lol, you are really harsh on some websites... and with good cause.

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The story is too old to be commented.