Uncharted 3 Beta Co-op Adventure Gameplay: Syria

This is first play through of the beta Coop adventure mode. A classic Uncharted setup. The enemy patterns are a little bit too predictable. The last half (climbing part) is fresh but too short. Overall, it is an entertaining mode, but a little bit short on overall length. Assuming that the chopper part is cut for the beta, the whole mode will be great.

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garos822687d ago

outstanding. naughty dog are revolutionising the online multiplayer and making it very cool and cinematic just as they did for U2 singleplayer.
colour me impressed

blackburn102687d ago

I loved it especially since I got to play with my sweetheart Elena. I have to admit that it was a lot tougher then the other coop modes. I had people quit on me right in the middle of a fire fight. I had 4 shield guys attack me at once while snipers aimed for my head. I was short but tough.

Jacobster2687d ago

Hmm it was too short for me but having said that, I do know it's only a beta. I think it's lost it's magic somewhat and has gone a bit clunky. Still enjoy it, just not as much as UC2. Oh yes does this guy know there is actually a scope on the GMAL?

BeaArthur2687d ago

I had the same feeling at first but once I put some time in the clunky feel went away.

MaxXAttaxX2687d ago

Yeah it was short because they cut it about half way through.
Same thing with UC2 beta. The co-op mission in the final game was at least twice as long.

BeaArthur2687d ago

Yeah I loved U2's co-op. I played a lot of it which says a lot because I am usually a PvP guy exclusively.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

i love the beta so far and it would be even better than the second one if it weren't for one problem...headshots, they don't work, it should be one hit kill with every gun like in the last game. takes out alot of the satisfaction of co-op against ai's for me. like 60% of it.

if that doesn't change by the end of the beta, or when uc3 is released, then we'll have a serious issue.

caseh2687d ago

Not played the beta yet figured I would just wait for the game itself...but are you serious, theres no headshots??

ZombieAssassin2687d ago

It does seem like they nerfed head shots compared to Uc2, sometimes itll seem like i put half a clip straight into someones head and they still wont drop.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

yep, you'll have to shoot a guy in the head 2 to 3 times with a g-mal's 3-shot with every bullet hitting, so like, around 9 bullets going to headshot, and then he'll die. yep, lame. But i'm sure that they'll fix it.

jwk942687d ago

how many points do i get forr that medal?

king052687d ago

Maybe its your connection, but I get headshots instantly each and every time, Verizon FTW.

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The story is too old to be commented.