Burnout Crash was originally a Wii game

Burnout Crash's creative director Alex Ward has revealed that the upcoming top-down smash 'em up was initially intended as a user generated content-focussed game for the Wii, "where you drew the road" with the Wii remote.

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Cajun Chicken2595d ago

Would of probably been more acceptable.

VampiricDragon2595d ago

would of been better than this shit

Mr PS32595d ago

Should have Stayed a Wii Game

Quagmire2595d ago

Correction, looks like a NDS game

bozebo2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I want a Burnout like 3 again, that was the best by miles.

Sales in the arcade racing genre have been suffering recently as costs have been increasing, so they probably didn't want to make another big budget burnout incase it suffered from poor sales. Loads of companies are scaling back to make casual games these days because they have to in the economic climate.

It really does cost many millions to make a high-quality console release and they would make lower profits per year because the game would take longer to make and they get a larger proportion of a downloadable title as profit to the studio. This will probably sell more units than a fully priced Burnout would.

I think there are too many racing/arcade-racing games that use semi-realistic cars and graphics but have unrealistic game mechanics, it had it's appeal when the gameplay was on target but it hasn't been pulled off as well this gen.

Off topic:
The arcade-racer I want to see is Rollcage 3, that would fit nicely into a gap in the market left by Wipeout's proven maturity (it can't evolve much more as a game so it should step down and let another similar game prove its worth) - I hope Sony sees it that way too because they own the IP/studio, I think.

Cajun Chicken2595d ago

Would LOVE a new Rollcage, but ATD has closed down. I think Sony own the rights since they bought Pysgnosis which was the publisher for that series.

Rollcage HD would be welcome!

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The story is too old to be commented.