How to Improve Modern Warfare 3’s Multiplayer

Daily Joypad's Daniel writes:

"It’s no big secret that in recent years, Call of Duty games in general have come under a lot of flak. Sure, they sell like hotcakes covered in fifty pound notes, but every time a new one comes along, a huge number of flaws are picked at and grumbled about in online communities. So this article is me trying to come up with a number of ways that would improve Call of Duty’s multiplayer greatly and hopefully, balance it out a lot more."

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Garethvk2322d ago

The game is not even out yet so how do you know it needs to be improved? All you can base it on is past games.

ThatHappyGamer2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

A game's MP can be improved by providing BETA.

Also they should bring back Dedicated Servers so there is no host advantage, host migration & random disconnects from the host.

Jijoro2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

I know how to improve MW3 multiplayer by a lot make it so that you can aim directly up and down for some reason I can't look vertically all the way up or down at the sky and ground in Black Ops and MW2

Saint-Revlot2322d ago

I'm surprised this article wasn't 100 pages long. Opinion piece actually.

ZILLA2322d ago

You buy B A T T L E F I L D 3(period)

theonlylolking2322d ago

Take out danger close, one man army, lightweight, commando, and maybe ninja...maybe

Make super kill streaks harder to get. Like increase the amount of kills you need to get a Pavelow, AC-130, Chopper Gunner, etc...

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