Future Soldier will "change the tempo" on Call of Duty and Battlefield

OXM UK: "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will slow things down after winter 2011's orgy of high octane blasting, UK brand manager Matt Benson has promised, but will not be as "demanding" and "dry" as previous games in the series."

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fatalred alarm2712d ago

got disagrees for saying i cannot wait for a new ghost recon? A...well... N4G i guess

JoGam2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

More like COD noobs.

Hufandpuf2712d ago

"I hate that word. I hate that word. It's not about 'accessibility', it's about being intuitive, making a game intuitive and fun to play.

That still means accessibility. Just make the Ghost Recon of your dreams. I wish not every shooter tried to appeal to COD players by making it simpler.

sonicsidewinder2712d ago

"but will not be as "demanding" and "dry" as previous games"

So... it's not a Ghost Recon game?

It's something else donning the name like a crude disguise?

What gives more reward? Mastering something simple? Or mastering something complex?

ATiElite2712d ago

I seriously have no clue what to make of the next ghost recon game.

The guy spent the whole interview talking about COD, trying not to be like COD, being simple not being simple.

Hey just say what your game is trying to do and point out how it's gonna achieve those goals. when Devs start talking about COD it means they were playing COD while making their game.

trenso12712d ago

Tbh i feel ubisoft is a pussy for not releasing ghost recon along with bf3 mw3 and u3 i was so excited. I kno this means their game can sell more with less competition but it was supossed to come out in november. They pussed out, at least naughty dog stood their ground full knowingly they wont sell more than either bf3 or mw3.