SCEE’s James Gallagher comments on PSN Pass controversy

James Gallagher, the Blog Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, comments on the controversy spewing over the PSN Pass system that will be introduced through Resistance 3.

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jaosobno2710d ago

Why the hell is this suddenly a controversy? PC had serials/keys for ages and I don't hear anyone complaining.

Darkspade2710d ago

and look how far those got them , No where

JoGam2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

@ Darkspade....Look how far it got them, no-where? Where was it suppose to get them? If the PC gaming industry is fading away (Which I doubt) its NOT because of some damn serials/keys. The serials/key just prevented cheap-ass people from getting free copies.

gamingdroid2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Serial keys unless you registered them to a specific person is lendable and transferable. Online Pass is a ONE TIME use and non-transferable.

Oh, it was a big deal when StarCraft II came out with one profile per key, the sh!t hit the fan and there was a sh!tstorm goin on so no, the world isn't conspiring against Sony.

JoGam2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

NOT TRUE....I have three PS3's. Socom has the online pass currently meaning you can NOT play a game online unless you download the unlock for online. ALL and I say again..."ALL" my PS3's are able to play online with socom.

People just don't understand how the online pass will work. They shouldn't bitch or complain until they hear ALL the details from Sony.

Christopher2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Yeah, Online Pass is not a one time use item. They can be used across multiple PS3s.

The only issue is that you have to log in to a single user account, which only affects those who want to use a different account to get trophies on that account. Otherwise, you can log in to the account it's tied to on up to 5 PS3s with a single pass.

Would be nice for them to implement an option that allows you to transfer the Pass to a new account by having an e-mail verification process or something similar. Doing this would of course disable all Pass validations on the original account.

gamingdroid2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Let me rephrase that, it is a code you redeem, hence one time use. You cannot re-use the code. I'm not saying the pass is a one-time use....

Maybe I should have been more clear about that.

***Would be nice for them to implement an option that allows you to transfer the Pass to a new account by having an e-mail verification process or something similar.***

That would entirely defeat the purpose of this as it is a revenue generator for the publisher and essentially would be the same as the current system (in a round a bout way) i.e. the pass goes with the disc.

PirateThom2710d ago

I still maintain the pass will drive used game price to buy down, but will screw over people trading them in (who already get a bad deal anyway most times). The cost of a used game + pass will need to be less than a new game.

nirwanda2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Yes and the retailers will probably start to do what they did to the psp go and not support them, in England all the major retailers support trade in games including supermarkets and they make more profit from trade ins.
So if want to they will just not stock them to make sure they don't start a president so nobody will be able to buy sony ps pass games at competitive prices which will in turn drive up the price of new games.

StanSmith2710d ago

Loads of titles already use these passes. It hasn't affected trade in prices at all. The only people that will be hurt by this are those who are purchasing pre-owned titles.

Why should Sony, EA etc. be concerned with there opinions? They won't see a single penny from them without these passes so to be honest i think it's not that bad.

I buy all my games new. Some on release, however, most being when they are discounted in price a few weeks later.

dgonza402710d ago

Well it sucks for ppl who want to lend their games to their siblings.. *sigh*

PirateThom2710d ago

People with multiple consoles or users are definitely the only people this affects legitimately. Maybe some sort of "family pass" type of system, like the PSN has now with "activated systems", the ability to transfer a single pass between 5 users or something. That way, it still "locks" it, but it also means you have to basically gift a user a pass.

gamingdroid2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

The people negatively affected by this are:

a) gamers, because now the online community is going to be smaller as this is a barrier to online gaming
b) publishers/developers as less people will be introduced to the game via friends as you just can't just lend them the disc. Sequels tend to sell better because there is a following that also continually spread to others.
c) Used games sellers or trade-ins, because the value drops

The unaffected or positively affected:

a) retailers that sell used games, because they will just adjust the trade-in value accordingly, their profit stays the same, the profit margins go up.

Ironically, it makes the used game look cheaper and even more affordable!

b) pirates now at a minimum has the same use privileges as a used game buyer i.e. it now encourages more pirating

c) publishers/developers will see a short term gain, but I think detrimental to long term outlook. Businesses are an investment into long term profits, not short term gains (and if they are, run away from them naow!)

Christopher2710d ago

Yeah, Thom, it hasn't done anything yet to used game sales. People go used for the cheaper prices and because they get credit for trading in other games. They will continue to save more money by trading in and buying used, even with a $10-15 Online Pass cost on top of that.

gamer78042710d ago

Obviously he is out of touch with the gaming market. If you add 10$ to a used game, that usually brings it up to about new game prices totally negating any savings a consumer might normally have should they want the complete game.

Christopher2710d ago

Most people who buy used on a regular basis also trade in games to help reduce used game costs. So, one used game trade in can easily account for the cost of the Online Pass. If you go by GameStop's usual program, you can get a new or very recently released used game for about $15-20 by trading in 3 other games.

Darkspade2710d ago

Here's why this is a Bad Idea..

Let Say you buy the Game Retail $60
you use the PSN Pass on your account, now you are taking it to a friends house for a night of gaming, Now you'll have to pay another $10 to play on his PS3, I know you can pull your User name but If you own the Game you should be able to do has you please with it, dont have to down $10 per friend you have... I can see this getting out of hand very quickly.

Cots12710d ago

Well if its anything like fifa you get a free 7 day trail

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