Criterion Speaks on Burnout Crash!

This past weekend, Criterion and EA made the official announcement of Burnout Crash!, a top-down entry in the long-running series that brings back the eponymous and much-loved Crash mode. This after it was initially revealed through the Australian Classification Board much earlier in the year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it'll be a relatively lightweight offering available exclusively through the realm of the digital downloads.

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Quagmire2535d ago

so...they're basically saying they cut out Crash mode from make a kinect-based flash game?


Jdoki2535d ago

I don't buy it....

A game that launched in 2008 had a feature left out, so that in 2011 a totally different style of game could be released as a DL only title with limited Kinect control. And that DL only title was only started 12 months ago....

I think this will be a nice, fun little game, but why spin some BS Criterion?!

A proper crash mode definitely needs to return in the next Burnout title

lzim2535d ago

correction: Criterion or a new EA studio would need to make more Burnout games that aren't DL titles.

The one problem here is that as expensive as it is to produce, it is one of those games that appeals too much to single players for it to be online only. It should be a gateway game for making you want to play online unless you really don't want to or can't.

I just don't see why EA/Criterion figures it is better to drop the series (for now) yet bastardise it like this.

2535d ago
Cajun Chicken2535d ago

Has EA actually had a successful made for download title yet?

lzim2535d ago

It would have to centre on multiplayer (like the Sims or SimCity) but not upset diehard offline players of any/all EA IPs.

I don't think it is possible for them to have a big budget online only, or DL only game because of how people play and how they are targeting their products to all audiences instead of tailoring them.

mt2535d ago

biggest let down of 2011. I was so excited when they announced burnout crash. when i saw the screenshots i was shocked.

Kee2535d ago

I'm not interested. Looks like some dumb arcade game.

ColinZeal2535d ago

Jesus christ, HOW stubborn can a studio get? I´ve been ready to throw my money on Criterion for a Burnout 2-like crash mode game but the studio refuses. Instead they ignore the elephant in the room by adding stupid s**t like boosters (or what they we´re called in Burnout 3) or simply ignoring the crash mode (Paradise), and now THIS?

Am I the only one who want´s that? Just straight up: Burnout 2-like crash-mode, HD gfx, tounge in cheeck, all the bell´s and whistles. No arcady bossters.

I´m ready with my money or just hire me.

Jdoki2535d ago


Yep, either Crash Mode needs to be brought back in the next Burnout game, or Criterion should make a Burnout 2 style Crash Mode as a digital download (as you suggest - HD and all the bells and whistles).

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