Daniel Craig reveals addiction to computer games

Showbiz reports:

"British actor Daniel Craig, who recently signed a $60 million deal with MGM to play 007 hero, James Bond at least 3-more-times, has revealed that he is addicted to computer games - much to the disapproval of his producer girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell."

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Shadow Flare3976d ago

You might even say he's formed quite a 'Bond' to computer games

Leg-End3976d ago

"your mum has failed" i love that u made me lagh lol bubbles +

awful joke though, seriously...

Skerj3976d ago

Man I laughed at that, contrary to popular belief you sir have won.

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BlackCountryBob3976d ago

At least he has realised that almost every Bond game since Goldeneye has been dire, maybe with the combination of a game loving Bond and the guys at Activision trying to make their first 007 game great we could get a playable game.

About bloody time

stuntman_mike3976d ago

i find that quiet surprising and funny, but good on him least he aint being patronising about games. hope to see him online sometime lol.

BlazinEurasian3976d ago

Vista; shaken, not stirred.

ShiftyLookingCow3976d ago

and so do you, at least unlike you it doesn't rot and stink when its dead

Martini3976d ago

That's hilarious LOL, some bubbles 4 both of you :)

Leg-End3976d ago

you need to write a joke book lol

are you mr. metcalfe? (an old teacher of mine that used to make the same jokes)

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The story is too old to be commented.