Nana Mizuki's Latest Game Theme Songs Top The Japanese Charts

Video game voice actress/singer Nana Mizuki sold 55,000 and 52,000 copies of her “Scarlet Knight” and “Pop Master” singles, respectively, to rank them #2 and #3 on Oricon’s CD singles chart for the April 11-17 week in Japan. Thus, she became the first voice actress or actor (seiyu) to put two singles in the weekly top 3 simultaneously under her real name.

"Pop Master" served as the theme song for mobile game Idol wo Tsukurou, while "Unbreakable," the second song on the "Pop Master" single, is the opening theme song for the UnchainBlades Rexx game for the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSP systems.

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Pozzle2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

It's interesting that Japan has a lot of video game theme songs make it to the top of the music charts, while in many Western countries the idea would seem laughable. It would be pretty awesome if one day the English theme songs were played on the radio and on tv in the West.