Witness Blu-Ray With The Sonar Series Blue Laser Pointer

Blue laser diodes have been recognised as a key component in audio and video media players and recorders in the last few years but how about seeing Blu-ray literally? You can with the Sonar Series Blue laser pointer from the house of Wicked Lasers.

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lynx1halo4054d ago

I can see it now ...The ULTIMATE PS3 FAN.....A Blu-ray shirt socks...sneakers..pants...blu laser pointer...blu bandana..OH WAIT THATS A GANGSTA CRIP....SONY GOTS THE CRIPS ON THEIR SIDE

damnwrx4054d ago

Pay 2K to annoy everyone! Shoot me......

SmokeyMcBear4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

get the green lasers, they make balloons explode.. pretty cool

pwnsause4054d ago