Jack Thompson Claims He'll Debate at Game Developers Conference

Fresh off of Saturday's appearance in Philadelphia, the controversial attorney claims that he has been invited to reprise his VGXPO debate at GDC, which takes place in February in San Jose.

The news comes from a motion filed by Thompson with the U.S. District Court in Florida, where the anti-game activist is suing the Florida Bar.

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MK_Red4054d ago

Hope GDC attendees show him how much everyone hates him.

YoMeViet4054d ago

alright everyone go stock up on rotten eggs and tomatoes! the second he steps on stage we'll barrage him with our rotten and smelly ammunition.
and after that we can start a fake riot out in the parking lot and torch his car.

kss4054d ago ShowReplies(4)
kss4054d ago

dude give me a break

IdontTakeSides4054d ago

what are you the second coming of Dog the Bounty Hunter..??

dude don't go around making such ignorant comments...!!

WilliamRLBaker4054d ago

like you have a right to talk.

kss4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

i'm entitled to my opinion. i'm not an asshole you assholes, i am just a nice white guy who keeps to himself.

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The story is too old to be commented.