PlayStation 4: Time for Sony to make the next-gen jump?

CVG: You know as much as anyone that, in the games industry, the rumour mill's always churning.

But recently there seems to have been one topic of conversation that seems to have been popping off the production line an awful lot is the PlayStation 4.

There's always been a rally between developers who are keen to get started on the next cycle and those who are happy where they are, but the pace appears to have quickened more recently.

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TheHardware2717d ago

No, Not yet....still space on the ps3 to grow....but when they do. They need to ensure that RPG's are a top priority....this gen was a barren wasteland for RPG's

all FF's sucked
and I cant think of any others I should spend 60 bucks on.

any suggestions?

ShinFuYux2717d ago

That'll change when Versus 13 is out.


the console that has continuous exclusives
best media storage
untapped potential
not had the sweet spot price drop yet should be replaced yet the 360 which is starved of exclusives, dvd 9, kinect which isnt changing gaming like move isnt doesnt get these articles?

and people wonder why ps3 owners get so irate with the bias media and then we get called fanboys? ironic

nix2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


wait till PS34 comes out. then the media will again come out with "10 reasons why we don't need to buy PS4?"

Series_IIa2717d ago


You owe it to yourself to do a Google search on Xbox hate... its a level playing field you fool.

Stop your crying.

colonel1792717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Why are there tons of these stupid articles about Sony having to jump to next gen ASAP, when, if I am not mistaken, there is another console which launched 1 year BEFORE the PS3, with OLD storage media, no built-in hard drive and has had to make 10 revisions to the hardware to get to the times? Now, that cansole DOES need to launch a successor ASAP!

NanoSoldier2717d ago

There is no need for Microsoft or Sony to release a new console in the next 2-3 years at all. There are so many great games coming in the next future for both consoles and the devs are still able to make them run and look good on the systems.

theonlylolking2717d ago

FF13 is better than most FF. It is also better than oblivion and will most likely better than skyrim.

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Silly gameAr2717d ago

It's like people are trying to force Sony into releasing the PS4 with a barrage of articles. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't think it's time for the next gen.

How advanced would the PS4 be compared to the PS3? I want to see a big leap in tech and features, not a PS3.5 wrapped in a PS4 casing. Plus with all the games coming, why are people so anxious for the PS4 so soon? The PS3 is still selling at the $300 price point even. Let the damn thing stretch it's legs and then get into PS4 talk.

X_iGame_X2717d ago

Not just yet. 2013. If we survive 2012 =P

Godmars2902717d ago

Can someone explain to me why we're seeing so many PS4 articles when the PS3 is technically the newest and high end console of this gen?

Sure its last in sales at least in the US, but if anything needs an upgrade its the 360 because it has a DVD drive.

shikamaroooo2717d ago

I was just about to say that

CynicalVision2717d ago

'Can someone explain to me why we're seeing so many PS4 articles'

well if you look at the life-cycle of previous Playstation consoles then it looks like we're due for an announcement of a successor.

Playstation 1 - 1994
Playstation 2 - 2000 (6 years difference)
Playstation 3 - 2006 (6 years difference)
Playstation 4 - 2012? (6 years difference)

xer02717d ago

The only ones who are complaining are the ones, who couldn't afford to buy a PS3 on launch day.

The same ones who will be late adopters when the PS4 launches.

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