Everyone who has a Wii should play a Metroid Prime game.
Eveybody who has an Xbox 360 should play a Halo game.
Everybody who has a PS3, should definitely play a Killzone game.

If there was a competition to determine which video game genre currently has the most game releases under it’s belt and is the most selling in the market, I’m pretty sure the First Person Shooter genre would take the crown.

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lpfisher2712d ago

Not the best shooters, but I do love them

ShadyDevil2712d ago

Sadly I feel after reading this, I cannot call myself a gamer after not having played Killzone 3 yet. I played Killzone 2, but Killzone 3 looked like more of the same. Not always a bad thing but meh. I might have to pick it up.

NanoSoldier2711d ago

I've been through KZ3 2x and it's a nice FPS. It's not really worse compared to KZ2. There are few things GG should have done better. GG had a lot of pressure doing KZ3 cause of so many critics and so they tried to hard to make part 3 perfect. But still I find it laughable when people who enjoyd KZ2 say KZ3 is crap. That's not fair. Both are very special FPS.

mayberry2711d ago

I really love both K2/3! Everyone who watches me play who has never seen them in action always have's a "jaw dropping" reaction! I love it! Then they play and comment on how hardcore they are! I think they a little too much for the more casual gamer type!

ZombieAssassin2711d ago

Love Killzone, still think Kz2 is the best but 3 is still a great game.

kikizoo2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Even if kz3 has no mp (it's really good, but some kz2 features where missing at launch), the solo is far better than most of the fps available ! + 3D + move sharpshooter + graphics, atmosphere, etc , ...

xfanboys are so frustrated and desperated that they wanted too see some biased reviews, or some real deceptions (party game) to write day after day "it's trash" here, even if the metacritic score is great (and don't forget a 17,5 for a ps3 game = 19 or more for the others)...the funniest part, it's that they love crysis 2, who has nothing to beat kz3 (solo, mp, graphics, 3D, move, etc)