White PS3 Trailer For Ratchet & Clank:Future

The pricing revealed for the new 40GB model in Japan aswell as the ceramic white PS3...the game advertised is Ratchet & Clank Future

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kss4057d ago

didnt get a word probably the guy is begging his wife (by the way i'd do her, no problem) to buy a ps3 and the little bastard is hoping that she accepts or something of that kind.

resistance1004057d ago

Yer im preatty sure thats what the advert is trying to say. A bit confusing, but hey what japanise adverts aren't

kss4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )


kss4057d ago

i have another theory wich is a little far fetched. the husband is asking the wife if she could start prostituting so they can afford the darn thing and the little douche is hoping she would accept.

kurochi4057d ago

White looks good for the PS3 but I'd take my black 60 gig backward-compatibility PS3 over the new white 40 gig version any day.....

IdontTakeSides4057d ago

you gotta admit though the white ceramic PS3 does look sweet..!!!

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