GND presents-Five games we believe deserve trophy support.

"We will be going through some of the titles and showcasing 5 titles that we believe deserve to get a trophy patch. There are plenty of none-trophy support game titles out their, but only a few that are really deserving of this praise in our opinion."

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ilikestuff2712d ago

yea def mgs4 and rfom, i have played warhawk in a loong time does it have trophies? cod4 should really have them too, they already have achievements just turn them into trophies wham bam itd take longer to make a hot pocket

Technical World2712d ago

Why does everyone care so much about trophies anyway? What do they do for your game? Nothing. Nobody online cares that GamerGuy643 shot ten windows in Call of Duty 10,000. Okay overdramatic but still you get the point. Trophies just seem dumb. When people get mad because they aren't supported I don't get it or when they complain about Nintendo's lack of it it's because Nintendo fans realise it doesn't matter.

Technical World2712d ago

Not a Nintendo Fanboy. I love my PS3 and my Xbox 360 just as much as my 3DS and my Wii. But really why do Playstation fans care so much about it I would love to know.

NukaCola2712d ago

Trophies are that forever check marked note that you have completed something. I like getting them. It may seem stupid, but it adds replay for me. Simple level completion, item completion trophies are cool, but there are many trophies that are obtained by going out of the box on what you do and see in a game.

I like when trophies are like riddles, or they are completed for doing things that may not ever have been done without mentioning it.

gaden_malak2712d ago

"But really why do Playstation fans care so much about it I would love to know. "

Adds replayability and challenges...I thought that was obvious?

tablav2711d ago

Why do PlayStation fans care so much? I have a 360 and I like the achievements as well as trophies. True, they don't MAKE a game, but it's a nice feeling when you get a platinum trophy or get the 1000 points. It validates all your hard work and gives you something to strive for when a game begins to get a bit stale. For me, it's made old games worthwhile revisiting, as I know I've missed things. If anything, it saves money because you don't need to buy new games every 5 minutes.

EmperorDalek2711d ago

I played Fallout 3 and before I platinumed it I played it for 36 hours and thought it was good, but when I platinumed it I played it for 126 hours
and thought it was incredible.

So they can extend the play time by making you do things you wouldn't have done without them.

Soldierone2711d ago

The better question is, why do people hate them and the people wanting them so much?

Its fun to earn. You (anyone against them) don't like earning them? Congrats, that doesn't warrant you bashing everyone that does like them.

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Nitrowolf22712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

love trophies. Nintendo games are fine without them, they are really just an added bonus. Plus if you think about it, usually Nintendo games have loads of things to unlock in games for completing things, Which most games on PS3 and XBOX360 lack now (DLC and such), so they are good to have.

I really found Nintendo games to have some sort of achievements, even if you can't show them off online to others. Like i said they have stuff to unlock in many games, which usually keeps players playing for a long time.

Well these games would be fun to have trophies. I pop them into the console from time to time, but adding trophies would really make me want to replay them all over again.

Believe me 360 fans would care just as much if some of the best games (Halo 2, Gears of war 1) were missing achievements. They are today's Unlocks for PS3 and 360.

disturbedcobra2712d ago

Definately Nitro, I agree. The thing about trophies is the extra replayability it gives a game. There are a lot of games out there that haven't been played in quite a while. Trophies can actually make someone wanna play again after they have already beaten the game. For instant, not very many people probably wouldn't play Resistance: Fall of Man over again after beaten it, unless they don't remember the story, but if there were trophies were involved, more people would jump right back in to try and get that platinum. It just gives that game that extra incentive to liveon instead of gathering dust on the self.

Ser2712d ago

Replay value, guy - it's what's for dinner.

Trophies give me that extra incentive to play the game again and again.

Optical_Matrix2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Nintendo's lack of it is because Nintendo hasn't caught up with Sony and Microsoft in terms of online service. It's that simple. Sure I don't mind that my Wii games, 3DS games and DS games don't have trophy support, but in some respects, Trophies/Achievements can be nice. Once I've finished a game, it would be nice to have something to show for it. Having X amount of trophies after completing a difficult game is quite satisfying. As well as the fact as someone mentioned, some trophies make you go outside the box on what you'd usually think of doing in the game. For example Bayonetta's Trophies require you to really master the games pretty deep combat mechanics. Through trying to do a few of them, I got much better at the game.

By no means am I a trophy whore. As I said, I play my Wii, 3DS etc and it doesn't bother me. But it adds extra replay value to my 360 and PS3 games. It's a nice incentive to re-visit them more than 2-3 times. Through going for the FFXIII platinum I've sunk in 130 hours...even though the game takes 50-55 hours to finish. I've discovered a fuck load of stuff like enemies, weapons and tricks that people who only completed the 50 hours story would never have done.

Having Trophies of DMC4, Folklore, MGS4 and Valkyria Chronicles will be nice. I've played through DMC4 and MGS4 about 3-4 times each. Adding trophies, I'd definitely go through them again this summer.

DrRichtofen2712d ago

Totally agree! I feel like trophies are some what ruining my gaming experience sometimes I wish the games I played didn't have any.

jessupj2711d ago

It's to show people you actually achieve things in games and are skilled in the games you play by obtaining those hard platinums instead of just being another skilless casual gamer that gets halfway through a game then quits.

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Mucudadada2712d ago


If only it were as easy as writing a bit of code to put in.

It's not. :(

iliimaster2712d ago

resistance 1 i would love to get that platnum!

StarWolf2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

developers ruined trophies by making them "kill 10 guys" " play an online game" "use the revolver gun" . I have hundreds of those. Im not gonna scroll through them all just find a good one. I cant even bother comparing trophies.

There should only be Gold and Platinum . The rest are just a nuisance on the screen

Ser2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Just a heads-up, while scrolling through a game's trophies, hit triangle and select "Sort By," then "Grade."

BAM! Welcome to never having to scroll through those pesky bronze trophies ever again, pal. Yeah, I'm awesome, I know. (Unless of course, you already knew about this method. :P)

Nitrowolf22712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Yeah but even some silver and gold trophies are like that. I like trophies but i agree with StarWolf. The best trophies are the ones that are riddle like.

btw i did not know this so thanks

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