Toronto Thumbs Review: Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident

From the Review: "Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident is, as you would expect from the title, a whodunit-style game for the Nintendo Wii. The title puts you in the shoes of a pseudo-detective called to a mysterious island by a reclusive industrialist named Winston Malgrave. He claims to have discovered a possible cure for all illnesses, but he needs help gathering it to heal his ailing wife. When you arrive on the island, you observe what appears to have been a once-thriving community - now abandoned. Indeed, the only sign of human life is the steady stream of messages that you receive from Malgrave. As you make your way across the island, gathering the substance that Malgrave seeks, you start to unravel the history of the island and inevitably: Malgrave."

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