Far Cry 3 – Making It Better Than Its Predecessor

Far Cry 2 was an action-packed and engaging first-person adventure, set amidst a gorgeous African landscape. What brought it down, however, was a lacking narrative, tedious and long traveling, as well as moral decisions that didn’t have anywhere near enough implications on the character or story.

With Far Cry 3 gamers are set to get a game that is “twice as large as the first two games”, which hopefully will see some improvements to help the game feel a little more accessible and less tedious.

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FEARprototype2661d ago

far cry 2 ending sucked so much ballz! it literally made me hate the game and i liked even with its obvious flaws.and the buddy system was the biggest letdown. alot of empty promises. but it least they deliver most of them, not like someone who works at Microsoft{hint: start with p}

liquidhalos2661d ago

Does it end in eter Molyneux