Sony kicks off new PS3 ad campaign in Japan has a number of new TV ads for the PS3 following the announcement of the ceramic white and 40GB versions of the PS3. Take a look at them.

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Baba19063732d ago

will it sell? hope so but we will see.

IdontTakeSides3732d ago

do you mean will it sell more PS3's yes it will....

BrianC62343732d ago

Those commercials are nowhere near as good as the U.S. commercials. Maybe they'll do okay in Japan. Who knows. But the new ad campaign in the U.S. seems a lot better.

kewlkat0073732d ago

commercials, I think they are well done, not thats the kind of commercials I've been wanting to see not rubber duckies/babies and sh^t.

whoelse3732d ago

Not even as good as the [sh*t] european adverts.

Still maybe the japs will like these...

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