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Battlefield 3 Planning To Have Full Joystick Support

Flying with joysticks in previous Battlefield titles on the PC platform, have been popular among users who are uncapable of flying with a mouse and keyboard.

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agentxk2175d ago

this could be interesting..

callmedom942175d ago

I originally started flying helicopters and jets with the joystick when I first began playing BF2, but when I did try flying with mouse and keyboard, I discovered it was way more efficient, easy, and just better to fly with and kill people with the mouse and keyboard

NanoSoldier2174d ago

you don't kill people in videogames. you take down virtual enemies. Killing people sound like you do this in real life. I'm strictly against such formulations.

DoomeDx2174d ago

"You dont kill people in videogames".

Dude, you DO kill them in videogames

DoomeDx (M4) Nanosoldier

Nawert2175d ago

If it did not, that would be very bad.

consolez_FTW2175d ago

lol That joystick in the thumbnail is the same as mine! a Logitech it is.
On Topic: I can imagine people just using the joystick and becoming really good. Interesting.

callmedom942175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

What do you mean uncapable?
Now we have the word incapable. How is it in anyway, incapable? Was fully capable on BF2

sulack2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

I could be wrong but my brain isnt registering that word...

Edit: Read the article

Liquid_Ocelot2174d ago

UnInCapable, there fixed :) jk

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The story is too old to be commented.