Modern Warfare 3 on Wii U – What Would It Be Like?

MMGN writes: Having gone hands-on with the Wii U at E3, I’ve started to wonder how some popular franchises would be translated over to the console to make use of its controller and hardware.

It’s allowed me to get creative with my favourite games, imagining how developers could incorporate certain mechanics and skills in the game into the Wii U experience.

The first game I envisioned was, of course, Modern Warfare 3, a game that I quite clearly have high on my wish list for 2011. I’ve played Spec Ops and seen the single-player in action, so I think I have a fair idea of what we should all expect when the game hits in November.

But what if Modern Warfare 3 was on Wii U? What could we expect, and what should we want?

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barkingspace2688d ago

I have no idea how to eel about this. I'm partially excited and mostly afraid.

TruthbeTold2688d ago

Not that I care about CoD, but if the Wii U isn't coming out until April or after of next year, I don't know how or why Nintendo and others expect a significant enough portion of the market to wait to play those games on Wii U, or to buy games twice just to play it with extra features. Those extra features would have to be absolutely out of this world.

barkingspace2687d ago

One word: Nintendo.

Another word: Pretzels.

matey2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

all i know is in ONM Darksiders 2 preview mentions on underclocked dev kits in just 2 weeks they had graphics matching the high end PC version so even with early kits the graphics are matching the best PC.

Getowned2687d ago

that would be awesome i hope it's true

jacen1002687d ago

better visuals native 1080 , new innovative ways to play with second screen, i dont mind waiting

Lyle912687d ago

I'd give it a shot. Seems like it would be cool if they could implement the controller properly.

Getowned2687d ago

I want a Wiiu lol im actually going to start saveing up today..dose it have a release date yet ?

jacen1002687d ago

ment to be around april 2012 the release