RipTen Review: Trenched - A Tower Defense Game with a Gargantuan Mech

RipTen: Tower Defense is often a very passive genre of video-games, you’ll lay a few towers here and there, then spectate the action rather then taking place in it. Double Fine’s new shooter / tower defense game “Trenched” looks to alleviate the idle phase of traditional TD games, by strapping you into a gargantuan Mech known as a “Trench”.

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xPhearR3dx2541d ago

I'm enjoying this game a lot. Very fun and addicting.

Sigmarue2541d ago

Oh, I do love a good tower defense game.

vicious69832541d ago

This game is very lacking in content. At least put a survival mode in it. Me and my two friends want to play more but we have done it all in 2 days.