The GTA IV Mod that Makes it San Andreas

YourEMGN: "We recently brought you a mod that gives GTA IV a graphical overhaul. Now, a team of developers have created a FULL GTA San Andreas map that will run on the RAGE engine. Meaning, you can now take a trip down memory lane on your copy of GTA IV."

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Madusha2595d ago

This might just be the best Mod in the entire history of modding. The scale of the project is just HUGE and they've pulled it off perfectly. Can't wait for this one!

CommonSense2595d ago

i just wanna know one thing. what is propelling that plane?

M-Easy2594d ago

Wow so it turns a terrible game into a great game. Sweet :)

jony_dols2594d ago

Don't get me wrong, I think this looks great,

but Black Mesa Source will probably be the greatest mod of all time, when it eventually gets released.


kramun2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Yeah I'm patiently waiting for it myself. How long it's taking them is understandable, I just hope they can manage to finish it.

hassi942594d ago

I hope it's out soon, at this rate they're gonna need a team to make a graphical update for it cause it'll look like crap by the time it comes out! :P

Ahasverus2594d ago

The difference is:
Black Mesa Release date: Never
San Andreas Mod: Next month!

xtremeimport2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

San Andreas was easily the best GTA game, and I want this badly..brings back awesome memories. It was SA that when you shot the moon it would change sizes right??

maniactadpole2594d ago

You could do that in Vice City, atleast on the PC.

koh2594d ago

You could in 3, VC and SA

user83971442594d ago

Nah Vice City is by far the best.

showtimefolks2594d ago

gta HD collection with gta3,vc and sa along with 2 psp game libert city and vice city stories

but this mod is really awesome

the_best_player2594d ago

GTA San Andreas is the best GTA game for over the top fun and endless features. :)

Gray-Fox-Type02594d ago

That s just amazing.

This is the kinda things i see on PC, and wished i had a good powerful PC. On consoles we get ripped off with crap DLC and bend over to Sony & MS what ever they say...

here on PC, they getting the entire map for free...

subtenko2594d ago

There was already an article about this..

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Valay2595d ago

These modders are quite creative, aren't they?

Minimox162594d ago

Yeah indeed, what I want to know if that Mod will have the story of San Andreas, that will be cool :D

Motorola2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Too bad I cant mod the steam version. Unless there is a way?

Danielmccue2595d ago

Nope you'd have to torrent it, I think that would be morally right since you already own it on steam.

snake-OO2595d ago

you can mod the steam version. i know because ive done it already.

Motorola2595d ago

Torrenting a 15 GB game? That will take a while. Ill just save myself the trouble and play the original SA.

X_iGame_X2595d ago

There's a link on the Steam forums about modding it:

ATiElite2594d ago

You can mod the Steam version.

FragMnTagM2594d ago

You can mod the steam version as I have it modded, but not all mods work that great as Steam forces you to have the latest updates and most of the mods work better on version and steam version is unfortunately. You put the mods here: (copy and paste) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\g rand theft auto iv\GTAIV

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jack who2595d ago

lots of glitch in that vid

Madusha2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Not the finished version mate. Beta.

The finished version will probaly have small bugs but you can't blme them on that. The scale of the project is just MASSIVE!

sobekflakmonkey2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Bahahahaha somebody disagreed with you!

Now I've seen everything, that's just ridiculous!
yes there are glitches in that video, it's quite clear that there are glitches present, so what the hell was that person thinking?

"lots of glitches in that vid?.....NO WAY MAN!! I DISAGREE! NO GLITCHES AT ALL!!"

EDIT: and it's not even like you said that it was a dumb idea or anything, you didn't say anything bad what so ever, yet somebody actually found it appropriate to disagree with your, N4G, what a website. Hahahaha

Madusha2594d ago

Lol Likely a missclick haha

sobekflakmonkey2594d ago

hahahahaha I got a disagree for my statement also, jeez there are some strange people in this world, I will never understand it ever.

Shane Kim2594d ago

Yeah sobekflakmonkey, and you seem to be one of them.

sobekflakmonkey2594d ago

even more disagrees I'm lovin it, people are so silly.

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1PC2PS333602594d ago

theres lots of glitches in finished games made buy 100 man dev teams with 100 million dollar budgets

this is probably a couple guys just doing something to bring a game lots of people love to others for free in an enhanced graphics package

not bad
I'd say for a small project with no outside funding

looks kool

you can definately mod the steam version, just takes a bit more tinkering

google=lifes problems solved

Madusha2594d ago

The team consists of 13 members. They are also making a Vice City mod

X_iGame_X2595d ago

This is bloody amazing! Someone give those guys an award.

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