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*Monado Beginning of the World -- Pick Up Your Sword *(Wii) otherwise known as *Xenoblade Chronicles* is a vast single player RPG for the Wii with elements similar to MMOs and Platformers. It’s a beautiful misfit mesh between *Final Fantasy XII* (PS2), *Monster Hunter Tri* (Wii), and *Okami * (Wii/PS2).

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Omega Archetype2661d ago

Is there any possibility of Atlus, Namco Bandai or any other publishers bringing this stateside? Does Nintendo hold the exclusive rights to publishing the game in NA?

Millah2661d ago

Yes, because this is a game developed by a Nintendo owned studio, Monolith Soft. Atlus or anyone else would have to be given permission by Nintendo. Which isn't going to happen. All in all, this is just another great Monolith Soft title that Nintendo of America is screwing American gamers out of. They did it with Soma Bringer on the DS, and Disaster on the Wii.

Matter of fact, I don't think NoA has published a single Monolith game since Nintendo purchased them. Which really sucks for someone like me, who's a HUGE fan of Xenogears/saga and wants to continue enjoying Tetsuya Takahashis current projects.

I just thank God that Nintneod of Europe isnt run by douchebags like NoA is, so I'll still be able to play this game. Otherwise, I was literally contemplating learning Japanese.

Omega Archetype2660d ago

Oh, I'm a huge Xeno fan myself. However I had no clue that Nintendo bought Monolith Soft. That sucks.

Way to go Nintendo on the failure.

Gametastrophe2661d ago

Yeah, it would be nice. The more that it gets spread the more hope stays alive.

mastiffchild2661d ago

Since Fatal Frame 4's lack of a western release ANYWHERE and the success of the localisation/translation patch made by fans and the fact people happily went to CF to play a game with a big audience in the US/EU I've had no faith in ninty bringing games over to the US. The UK/EUhasd gotten more but not all the Jpn releases but Ninty US and Reggie's reasoning for not bringing these games over(D:DoC was not released in US because Reggie hates the audio for example)is dodgy or personal.

They can't even blame localisation costs as there's ready done/made UK versions in English so WTF they waiting for? Why piss off US gamers who would make them money-Christ Atlus have done fine this gen publishing niche Japanese games for PS3 etc. Do Ninty US really care THAT little for their gamers these days?

Xof2661d ago


They're making almost all of their profits off of hardware sales and peripherals.

Nintendo abandoned "core gamers" a very long time ago. NoA, at least.

Theyellowflash302661d ago

For North American gamers Nintendo has never given us a better reason to hack our Wii's now. Although mine has been hacked to be region free for over a year now NA gamers can still play this game if you want. Just softwafe hack your Wii and buy the Euro version. There.... problem solved.