Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 Goes Multiplayer

James Brown, lead level designer of Unreal Tournament 3 at Epic, talked about what fans can expect from the new multiplayer game.

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lynx1halo4059d ago

I cant believe they brought back James Brown, the 'Godfather of Soul, just to make this thats what i call AAA ....THIS IS A MANS WORLD!!! ...much respect to the late great one

mighty_douche4059d ago

i like the voices they got him to do over the top, ya know the ones you get for kill streaks and stuff

10 kills in a row...."ahhh step back, kiss myself!!"

ThaGeNeCySt4059d ago


Devr4059d ago

This article has a pretty poor name... "Unreal Tournament goes multiplayer" lmao. :P