Mass Effect 3 Demo Incoming

Early 2012 is set to kickoff with a bang when BioWare releases their hotly anticipated title, Mass Effect 3, on the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. Though the wait is long, EA and BioWare may be planning something that will provide just enough substance that those hungry for Mass Effect 3 will be satisfied until early 2012.

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Kran2712d ago

He says a demo. He mentioned nothing of a multiplayer demo. And didnt they already state there wont be multiplayer?

omi25p2712d ago

heavily rumored that there might be a horde style mode, or a seperate co-op campaign. Im not sure if they have denied that and if they havent its more than likely going to be true.

wwm0nkey2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Nope they changed their stance on "No Multi-player" after that big leak. They said they would announce more soon.

EDIT: Here we go, they actually never said there would be no MP

Pintheshadows2712d ago

Awwww yeah.

Prepare for a million ME3 impressions articles after the demo has been out for five minutes condeming the game for no reason. Why ME3 will fail. Why ME3 isn't an RPG. Why ME3 isn't fit to be a game. Why ME3 made me cut myself.

Why should I care about your opinion?

Kee2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Exactly. Dragon age 2 got the same shit. I still loved every second of it despite everyone playing it down.

EDIT: @No Way It did everything a good sequel should do. Takes what was done well in the previous title (albeit the story might not have been all there) and makes it better. It was still dragon age. The loot, customisation, character development and tactics were all still there. The streamlining was a positive change for the game because it was previously quite a difficult game to get into. As a result, the game has much more of a 'pull' to it than origins which gave you the reins just a little too much. Some people might have liked that, but I thought it took you out of the game more.

As for how this relates to mass effect. A lot of people are annoyed that it might get (to use your word) "streamlined" but for an ACTION RPG what else would make it better. You'd rather it got super complicated? That's not something they can do in a sequel. It'd be as though they promised a certain style of play with the first game and with the sequel, it'd barely resemble it at all. Complicating things changes the game. Streamlining it cuts out what isn't necessary and continues to bring you what was good about the first game.

No Way2712d ago

Most hated on Dragon Age 2 cause it was streamlined and noting like DA:O.
The game, itself, was fun .. but it should have never been named Dragon Age.

kingdavid2712d ago

The biggest problem with DA 2 was the craptacular ending and the reusing of the same assets throughout the game.

DAO had a large variety of areas, dungeons and towns.

DA 2 had one town all up... and almost nothing was open ended (the game tricked you into thinking it was but it wasnt :(. )

I did enjoy DA 2 dont get me wrong but it paled in comparison to my enjoyment of DAO.

bozebo2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

ME got the balance between casual and hardcore pretty good.

It keeps the player's mind wondering without actually having a great deal of substance to the game, but what it does have is great.

The talking stuff is often just fluff though, they try to put forward the character's thoughts and emotions but most of the time it seems like bioware think they are better at it than they are. Also the game feels a bit clunky - a bit like gears but with less refinement and iteration.

It qualifies as an RPG because you play the role of a character as it is pulls you through the story. But it does that as it's primary goal when compared to games which are not RPGs.

But I play it like a shooter, I glide through the dialogue so I can go and shoot some fools.

hudsoniscool2712d ago

theres no point in playing mass effect if you skip the dialogue, thats the worst way to play the game, any game actualy.

CaptainPunch2712d ago

Why should I care about yours?

Pintheshadows2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I didn't state my opinion of ME3. I merely made an observation that these kind of stories will be all over N4G.

Were you planning on writing one? Is that how I have offended you somehow.

I apologise if I have but i'm entitled to make an observation.

Just to clarify I think ME3 will be very good. It is after all Biowares flagshipfranchise. So NOW you can start not caring about my opinion. I don't really care.

I also agreed with you. You shouldn't. You should only care about your own.

ninjablaze2712d ago

Good I'm glad demo is coming out.

Gettting it for 360 of course.

Ser2712d ago

Oh, cool...a Mass Effect 3 demo...wait...

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