Digital Download: Not The Future Of Gaming

Thecrapgamer over at GxC writes:
I’ve seen a lot of articles lately about how digital download video games are the future of gaming. I tend to disagree with this and I’ll give my reasons as to why throughout this article. People seem to be in a resigned state when it comes to digital download only games. Like it’s an inevitability or something, well I’m of the belief that there is only one inevitability in this life and that’s death. If you’re not a fan of digital download only then let your voice be heard loud and clear. We can’t afford for people to be apathetic when it comes to what we want. We are after all the consumers.

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dangert122690d ago

Digital Download is the future of gaming but shell i tell you whats not and if it is then i will quiet gaming

Downloadable games priced at £58 with a seriously lack of content,
£50 - £58 games
Imfamous 2 and Red Faction Armageddon

AKissFromDaddy2690d ago

I use Steam a lot. I have 26 Steam games and 25 PS3 games. I like Steam but I want to own a physical copy too.