Uncharted 3 Beta(Patch1.04) - Yemen Gameplay

Uncharted 3 Beta Yemen sniper gameplay.

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Garethvk2717d ago

It looks good but play balance is way off. Many times I unload on a player and they just stand there taking it, turn and kill me in one shot.

TheXonySbox2717d ago

They didnt like it, so i know it isnt just me.
Its not designed very well for competitive play. Hell just aiming the gun is retarded with their sluggish aiming system.

Aiming fights you, while a game like COD the aiming doesnt.

Def has become only a rental for me and my friends at most.

CynicalVision2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Yeah, I feel pretty much the same way. Uncharted for me has always been about the single-player, so I still can't wait to buy the game but multi-player isn't really doing it for me.

Hanilugtehul2717d ago

so just by playing the beta,uc3 has become a rental to you and your friends,that really makes no sense? maybe you should wait for the full game before you judge it. PEACE:-)

Garethvk2717d ago

Thank you, I was worried it was just me as I am so used to playing on PC some shooters can be a pain on the consoles. I also found many of the maps to dark to really see what was going on as people were at times right there and you could not see them.

crackerface_whitey2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

ha ha someone doesn't know how to aim

Ron_Danger2717d ago

Am I the only one here that noticed the he stealth admitted that he's a CoD player and that's why he doesn't like U3...

Auto-aim is for cowards...

2717d ago
grailly2717d ago

I would agree that the aim system is sluggish, I play sniper and very often I can't get kills because my crosshair can't catch up with my opponent, it's very annoying. on the plane i.e. when the truck we are on is slowing down to get behind the plane, if you are looking down the sights your reticle is going at the same speed as the truck, it gets completely impossible to aim, and this is at max sensitivity.

but calling this a rental because of the multiplayer beta is dumb

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2717d ago

sir, i don't think that you understand that even if uncharted 3 didn't have multiplayer, that it's better than nearly everything else coming out this year if not everything.

uncharted is a single player game. the fact that they added multiplayer makes it just that more awesome...and to be honest uncharted 2's multiplayer was my favorite and so is uncharted 3's

MaxXAttaxX2717d ago

1- You shouldn't have to empty an entire clip to kill someone if every shot lands. This doesn't happen unless you were terribly unlucky or just terrible.

2- UC3 is actually a very competitive game. It's been like this since UC2's MP.
How many more times are you gonna bring up COD in your comments against UC3?

3- How is the aiming "sluggish"? It does pretty much what you want it to do. Aiming doesn't react as unrealistically as COD. If you want it quicker, go to options and increase the sensitivity.

It's NOT an FPS. The same principals do not apply to UC.

People who actually learned to play the game and are decent will disagree with you.

Some gamers now a days consider a game a rental based on MP beta alone is sad.
UC3 wouldn't be a rental for me. It's a day one buy even without the MP.

FanboyPunisher2717d ago

I agree with Sbot.

I usually run a 2.5 - 3.0 KDR in my games; I know how to play. But now that i've read this and have been looking for it, I see how it can mess you when you aim.

They need to fix this and then they game will have that nice tightly tuned shooting mechanics that most of the best shooters have crafted over time.

TheXonySbox2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

To clear some things up, Its the way the aimer moves, it isnt instant it has an acceleration time intill it hits full speed. It totally fucks up your aim for how fast you require movement.

I can bitch about a game that somehow manages to fuck up the most important system for a shooter, so STFU (to people talking shit) and get the devs to fix it, so this game might actually live for awhile in the competitive venue.

For those who are just fangirls that ignore the problems and not getting them addressed; you must be dense, devs need people to support this kind of stuff so it can actually get tweaked by release or 'end beta'.

MaxXAttaxX2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Shouldn't you be in COD articles talking about fixing the balancing issues instead? lol

Anyway. Since you kept bringing up COD, I had to assume you're a COD player and are used to FPS games like it.

But this is Uncharted. A platforming-TPS. Learn to play Uncharted and don't expect it to play and react like COD.
This game actually has animations on screen that go beyond the point-and-shoot animation in COD. LOL I joke.

It's the third Uncharted game and this is how UC plays. IMO the aiming itself has improved a bit with each iteration. If that was the case and the aiming was "retarded", then no one would be playing UC2 online.
It's a different game. It plays different.

Your friends picked up the controller once and already had an opinion? I guess that's proof... nah not really. That's hardly credible.

BTW, us "fangirls" or whatever you wanna call us are too busy playing and addressing REAL problems with ND, instead of b*tching about how THIS GAME ACTUALLY HAS SOME SORT OF LEARNING CURVE and isn't like COD where you can pick up the controller and be good without much practice.

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BeaArthur2717d ago

If that actually happened they were carrying a power weapon, or you're exaggerating or you're a terrible shot.

Garethvk2717d ago

I am not a bad shot and I unloaded on him point blank range with an AK 47.

BeaArthur2717d ago

All I can tell you is I am playing the same game and I don't have those complaints.

DrRichtofen2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

@1:42 camper justice is served!

sackb0y2717d ago

umm this isn't cod. sniping you don't run around. you stay in one spot lay low and kill.

firemassacre2717d ago

yeman is one of the best maos

Fox012717d ago

yes, Yeman is a very good mouse.

ps3bestever2717d ago

Graphics looks way better than airstip and cheatu !

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